Excursion Sites

Victoria was founded as a naval base and seaport in the 1840's by the Hudson’s Bay Company, and remains a major naval base and ship repair centre. Over the years a variety of industries has thrived on the island, including coal mining, and the lumber and pulp and paper industry. As well, Victoria as the provincial capital of British Columbia, is a centre for government scientific agencies, including the Dominion Astrophysical Laboratories, the Pacific Forest Research Centre, and the Institute of Ocean Science. Possible tours sites located in the greater Victoria-area include:

Thursday Afternoon Excursion

Half-day trip to Duncan over the Malahat Mountain Pass. Duncan is approximately 45 minutes north of Victoria. Travelling on the Trans Canada highway north of Victoria is the Malahat Pass, the only highway linking the Saanich Peninsula (Victoria) with the rest of Vancouver Island. The Malahat is a marvel of engineering, hugging the sides of steep cliffs that rise over 350 metres above the ocean below. It may be possible to arrange for the excursion to begin with a train trip to Duncan over the E & N (Esquimalt to Nanaimo) railroad, built in the 19th century to link the Nanaimo coal fields with Victoria. While in Duncan we could visit: